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Students in front of "We Celebrate Dyslexia" sign.The booth at the Dutchess County Fair was a huge success! If I had $1.00 for everyone that stopped by the booth saying they had dyslexia or knew of someone close to them that did, I’d be out a job! The Fair reaches a very broad socio-economic swath of the surrounding area and our booth was visited by alumni (plural), current students and parents, past parents, staff – past and present and many curious and interested new faces. It appears at least two prospective students will come back to visit and several others visitors have already contacted me for follow-up.

None of this could have happened without the immense support of the following folks who volunteered to sit at the booth and share their own personal experiences… always the best way to communicate who we are and what we do.

Diane and Nick Matakis
Debbie and Mike Morgan
Dave Teisler
Taylor Brigham
Caitlin Welsh
Jonathan Bisson
Nickolas Costa
Christine Woodcock
Sharon Affonso
Brooke Tinney

Students: Caroline, Mckenna, MacKenzie, Maggie, and Karina

If I have forgotten anyone, my sincere apologies. The sights, sounds and smells of the Fair still linger in my atrophied brain!

Two teachers in front of "We Celebrate Dyslexia" sign.

Hopefully the Fair will see their way toward providing us with a booth again next year. It was well worth our efforts and my sincere shout out of thanks goes to all who participated this year!!! Put it on your calendars for next year. The Fair is always during the last full week in August.

With deep appreciation,

Anna Hill Price
Director of Development

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