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9/9 Home vs Glenholme


We opened our season yesterday against a surprisingly fast Glenholme team. With a lot of graduation losses,  We had at least 6 players in their first game ever.  James Manniello played extremely well at center half, helping to set up a beautiful goal by Mary Amendola. Chloe Lieb had a great game, and Emilia Collins showed potential for the future!  Glenholme’s forwards were just too fast for our inexperienced defense, even though Jack Roy must have run 5 miles! John Bajda had a busy day in goal, with 10 saves. Score: Glenholme 5, Kildonan 1. Maplebrook next week!


It was a long time coming; and we got better each game coming to this point of the season! Finally winning against what has to be the best Maplebrook team in their school’s history is an accomplishment!


With new coaching, and two very good international players, our cross town friends came into this game with an excellent chance of upsetting our young developing team! By stacking our defense, playing to our three strongest offensive players; and putting a couple of ‘red,white, and blue’ defenders in the face of their internationals for the whole game – we came up with the perfect game plan! Jackson and Jack effectively eliminated their best players, a six person defense did the rest – sending balls through to Jimmy, Chloe, and Mary.  They responded with six goals!
Final score – Kildonan 6, Maplebrook 3!
A giant step forward, and as Coach Evans said afterwards – a step towards believing in ourselves!
Kickball 101!!!!
History was made yesterday on the field at Marvelwood!  An intrepid group of young ladies represented Kildonan School in the first EVER girls soccer game played by a Kildonan group!
With Samantha as a late addition, the Lady Kodiaks played a wonderful, gutsy, frustrating yet inspiring game against the Pterodactyls Ladies Varsity!!!
Elle gained immense experience in the goal, showing great potential! Coach Evans challenged her to make six saves on the day, and she made exactly that! While giving up five goals, she nonetheless kept things competitive! We were led by Chloe and Emelia on offense, and though we failed to score, these two created at least three excellent scoring opportunities! Our midfield of Allison, Devon and Layla ran a marathon while learning so much about playing the middle of the field. Likewise the defense of Kiana, Zia, and Vanessa cleared ball after ball out of our defensive end!
Though we lost this game 5 – 0, the girls certainly gained the respect of a contending HVAL varsity team! There is much potential for a girls team in the future at Kildonan!  With the return of Mary, we know we have the scoring punch to find success in the future!
All parents and coaches at this game had nothing but admiration for the initiative, effort, and example set by our Lady Kodiaks on Friday!
A journey begins with one step!

The varsity soccer team played a tremendous game yesterday against Marvelwood’s JV team! We played a scoreless first half until Marvelwood scored in the closing seconds. We battled them through the second half, barely missing several opportunities to score! Finally, Mary Amendola connected on a cross from Chloe Lieb – scoring a well deserved goal that brought us back into the game.
Though the game ended in a 3 – 1 loss; the improvement was obvious!

This was a very well played defensive game, led by John Bajda, Isaiah Khalil, Jackson Hatcher, and Nate Esteves. Jack Roy was tremendous in midfield, along with Devon Teran, Zia Sandefer, and Max Yarabek; all in support of Mary and Chloe up front!

The Kodiaks take the field next Friday against Glenholme.

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