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It is important to note that the modified soccer team finished their season last week, with their game against the perennial power Poughkeepsie Day School!

While they team did not win the game, they nonetheless played an aggressive and competitive game! the most important thing about this game is that it signaled the completion of an entire season of soccer on the middle school level for the first time in several years for the Kodiaks! In completing the five games that weather permitted, these young student athletes made a significant contribution to the fresh start that Kildonan athletics has made. Kudos to all ; and the future is bright for the development of the soccer program!
The high school team traveled to Stockbridge, Ma. last week to play Berkshire Waldorf School.  This turned out to be one of the better teams we’ve faced this fall, with several European extracts in the line – up and a very well coached balance of developing players! the Kodiaks played aggressively, and with a great deal of intensity; yet we were no match for the several talented players in the BWS front line!  This was a very well coached team that presents us with quite a challenge for the future: to improve enough to play this school evenly – since they are very similar to us in school size, scope, and program! So this was a ‘benchmark’ so to speak; and something we will gauge our progress on in the future! As they say: “Next Year”!!!
The key this year has been my belief that ‘You DON”T have to win; but you DO have to play’  Both groups have done just that, and the wins WILL come!
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