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9/19 at Hotchkiss

Versus: Kent, Hotchkiss, South Kent, Indian Mountain School, Berkshire


Ethan R. – A-class: Placed 8th

Asher C. – A-class: Placed 9th


B- Class

Colin W.: Placed 5th

Reide T.: Placed 6th

Jason B.: Placed 8th

Peter L.: Placed 12th

Ray C.: Placed 18th



The mountain biking team made a strong showing on Wednesday at Indian Mountain School
Jason got Second in B class
Paul got seconds in C class
Mitchell got third in C class

Last race of the mountain biking season: Paul first places C class, Jason first places B class. All make Mr. Titone epically proud – year two of the program and podiums at every race! #kildonan

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