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Kildonan School takes on Millbrook

The Kildonan School for dyslexic students takes on Millbrook prep and has a great game. What a way to come back from the Holidays! After two cancellations this past week, the Kildonan School Varsity Boys basketball team took to the pines over at our neighbors house – the Millbrook School!  This is a Founders League school and with a gym to match that affiliation! The Kildonan boys were awestruck upon entering the ‘Mustangs Court,’ but have much to be proud of on Kildonan’s hardwood!

Kildonan students set individual goals

Kildonan School’s mission to empower students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences extends to competitive sports against other regional teams. Individualized attention on the court helps each student achieve his best and grow as a team.

Kildonan on the court

You could tell that the Kildonan School boys were rusty from the break because we were prone to turnovers from the start! Against a deep, agile and aggressive Millbrook team; this was not a good thing for us because we fell behind by ten early on! The good news was that Isaiah came back and added some muscle to our effort! John had a chance to see how to work with another ‘big’ man. Kendrick can now mix up his offense and passing game. Ray, Thomas, and Jack can focus more on their roles! We will be a more balanced team!
With the cobwebs ‘cleared out’ and a healthy respect for our neighbors down the road; we look forward to Marvelwood and Glenholme next week!
Can a win be in the offing?

Kildonan basketball season ahead

Kildonan School coach Curt Evans looks forward to a great season with the varsity boys team. The winter break provides dyslexic students with a much needed rest from the effort they put into their Orton-Gillingham language tutorials and now it’s time to get back to the court and the work!
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