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Archery requires both a physical and mental focus. Campers are taught the value of calm and concentration and its importance in the improvement of skills. Some kids have natural abilities, whether it be through past experiences or just because they take to it easily. Others improve throughout the course of the summer, hopefully feeling satisfied with an exciting experience.

After a brief demonstration and an introduction to safety, campers are fitted with the correct bows and have them shoot the very first day. Although nervous at first, campers seem to really enjoy the archery experience.  Campers begin with basics, shooting “bullseye” targets from 20 feet away to establish confidence. From there, they move on to a series of games and exercises designed to not only improve accuracy, but to be fun and creative. Our first priority is safety, and our next priority is enjoyment.

Throughout the summer campers move through a series of exercises designed to increase accuracy and, most importantly, be fun! Activities change daily and include balloon shooting, bottles, black jack, golf, and many others including a mock archery tournament.  At the end of each class, campers attempt a “skill shot.” Based on that day’s activities, students attempt a difficult shot that, if accomplished, earns them a point. At the end of camp, the one with the most points gets an award.

It should be noted that although there is a certain amount of competition involved in certain activities, all kids are praised for their efforts and receive certificates at the end of camp.

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Female camp dunnabeck camper takes aim at an archery target, one of three set out in a grassy field.

Female camp dunnabeck camper stands next to an archery target with her arrows stuck near the center ring.

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