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The Theater Program at Camp Dunnabeck serves as an introduction to the art of live theatrical performance through theater exercises, improvisation and games in a workshop environment. We introduce core concepts of ensemble and collaboration providing campers with the necessary skills to work successfully within a group environment. We explore the art of storytelling through devised scenes and improvisation. Over the six-week program we use theater to encourage self-expression, develop listening skills, pull down the barriers to creative thought and explore personal connections and perceptions around content themes and concepts. Through these exercises — we lay the groundwork for creating a “safe space” in which the students can feel free to take creative risks.

Camp Dunnabeck Theater teacher sits on floor and speaks with students, two pictured sitting next to her.

Camp dunnabeck Theater group does improve skit, campers move in small group, arms up like dancing


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Boy Camp Dunnabeck camper sits with drumsticks in hand with counselor in front of white drums.