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The equestrian program at Camp Dunnabeck is an integral part of the camp experience since Diana Hanbury King founded the camp. A balance sport and an activity that requires care and stewardship of the animals, campers gain a lot by participating in this activity. Self-confidence is bolstered as campers learn how to control the horse and improve physical fitness.

During camp, the campers learn the fundamentals of riding and caring for the horses. They learn to independently groom and tack up the horse they are riding and how to safely and efficiently maneuver their horse to the arena. They practice English riding, bareback riding without saddles, as well as fun and challenging games on horseback.

Open to all skill levels. Individualized instruction. Culminates in a Horse Show presentation at the end of camp.

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Camp Dunnabeck girl sits on brown horse, led by female counselor in riding ring

Camp Dunnabeck boy sits atop a brown horse in the riding ring.

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