Join Us for our 50th Anniversary Jubilee

May 11, 2019

50th Anniversary

Saturday, May 11th 2019

In the morning…

Meet up: Events will begin with a meet up of former students and alumni.

Mid-morning: Kildonan will showcase some of our exciting programs in an unconference-style event. These student presentations will give alumni a chance to see how Kildonan’s programs are supporting the learning of today’s dyslexic student.

Headmaster’s Welcome: Kevin Pendergast will give an address about the state of Kildonan and our efforts to broaden our reach beyond Amenia.

Open Campus: Cheer on our students on the athletic fields, visit the Abu-Haidar Stables, and tour the grounds

In the afternoon…

Demonstration: Orton-Gillingham tutoring. Peek into the heart of the Kildonan program.
Activity: A Different Perspective art project. Join others in making a lasting memory of our event, the past 50 years, and Kildonan’s future.
Panel Discussion: Negatives are Positives. Alumni share their story and discuss what helped them on their journey. Contact us if you’d like to be on this panel.

In the evening…

50th Anniversary Jubilee

Join us in celebration this evening! Kildonan will host a dinner and fundraising event for all of those who care about and have been helped by Kildonan. Registration TBA.

You should really attend!

The Jubilee weekend is a great opportunity to meet up with old friends from days gone by and to check out the Amenia campus. If you attended Kildonan in Solebury you won’t believe your eyes!

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