Kildonan Teacher Training Institute

Mission Statement:  The Kildonan Teacher Training Institute (KTTI) empowers individuals with dyslexia and supports literacy widely through the education of teachers in the best practices of the Orton-Gillingham approach by offering trainings, practicum supervision, and student diagnostics.

Fully accredited by the Orton-Gillingham Academy of Practitioners and Educators, we offer:

*Orton-Gillingham trainings & practicum supervision

*Informal screenings and evaluations

*Comprehensive reading evaluations & standardized testing


Accredited Instructional Program
Incorporated Under New York State Education Law

Please Contact
Kathleen Stewart at
or call (845) 373-2028
For an application or additional information.

What We Offer

Orton-Gillingham Trainings & Supervision
We offer trainings at the Classroom Educator, Associate, and Certified Level and the associated supervised practicums.
Contact us to find out how to fulfill Structured Literacy requirements.

Comprehensive Reading Evaluations/ Informal Screenings

We offer Informal Screenings which include criterion based measurements of phonological processing, sound-symbol association, vocabulary, single word and contextual reading, and informal writing samples.

We offer Comprehensive Reading Evaluations which are comprised of an interview, a review of prior records,  a battery of standardized and criterion-based assessments administered over 1 or 2 meetings, a written report including recommendations, and a conference to discuss results.

The exact battery of testing depends on the individual, but measures which may be included are:


Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing CTOPP-2

Gray Oral Test of Reading  GORT-5

Test of Written Spelling TWS-5

Gates MacGinitie Reading Test GMRT

Woodcock Reading Mastery Test WRMT

Test of Written Language TOWL-4

Criterion Based Assessments:

Gallistel Ellis Test of Coding

Barnell Loft Diagnostic Spelling Test

San Diego Quick Assessment of Reading

Informal writing samples


Contact us for information regarding Orton-Gillingham Tutoring:


Orton-Gillingham Course Offerings

Classroom Educator Level Training & Practicum

Associate Level Orton-Gillingham Training & Practicum

Associate Level Coursework and Subsequent Practicum

60  hours of coursework

This includes the following topics:

  • Dyslexia and reading disorders
  • The rationale of the Orton-Gillingham Approach
  • Phonology and morphology
  • The motor component and the writing process
  • Vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency
  • Assessment and diagnostic-prescriptive teaching
  • The student profile, lesson plan, and teaching materials
  • The Academy structure and requirements

Space is limited to twenty participants.


Certified Level I course (40 hours) includes the following topics:

  • Knowledge of dyslexia and reading disabilities
  • Review of basic phonology and handwriting instruction
  • Case management and professional communications
  • Formal and informal assessment measures
  • Understanding and interpretation of standardized testing
  • Student profile and matching lesson plans
  • Knowledge of methods and programs derived from O.G.

Certified Level II course (40 hours) includes the following topics:

  • The stages of words attack and the O.G. lesson plan
  • Review of phonology, phonics, and handwriting instruction
  • Study of morphology and advanced elements of the language
  • Exploration of the systematic, structured writing process
  • Teaching of vocabulary, comprehension, pragmatics, and study skills
  • AOGPE Code of Ethics

Certified Level — Course II


Certified I and II may be taken in any order.

Tuition is $1000

40 hours of coursework


June 21-25; June 28- July 1

8:30- 4:30;  60 hours;  In person training

Instruction will be held on the campus of The Marvelwood School, Kent CT

Tuition which includes training binder: $1900

Trainees purchase sound cards, notebook, one text (approx. $50)

Housing will be available on campus for an added fee.

Contact:  kstewart@kildonan.org  for further information