Academics at the Kildonan School

The Academic Program at Kildonan is comprised of two parts: Orton-Gillingham language tutorials and subject-matter courses. Both parts of the Academic Program work together to provide each student with a rigorous educational program that meets the student’s individual learning needs while preparing for 21st century college and career readiness in a global environment.

Students attend classes in all buildings on the lower campus. There are many occasions when the whole school gathers for united learning experiences, thus supporting the close-knit community of learners at Kildonan and fostering constructive friendships between our youngest and oldest students.

1:1 Daily OG Tutoring

The Language Training tutorial forms the backbone of Kildonan’s academic program. Each student at Kildonan receives daily one-to-one language skills tutoring using the Orton-Gillingham approach. Material taught during the tutorial is reinforced during daily, proctored study halls. Everything about the language training experience, from the multi-sensory, structured teaching approach to the materials used and structured study environment derives from what we know about the needs of the dyslexic learner.

Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators logo

The Kildonan School is an accredited training site under the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and EducatorsThe Orton-Gillingham Approach is one of the oldest teaching approaches for children with dyslexia. Learn More

Innovative Curriculum

We have evolved over the decades to offer all our students state of the art technology and applications, an innovative college-preparatory curriculum, a diverse visual arts and design program, and a dyslexic-friendly foreign language program. Our small school environment offers both individual attention and the opportunity for student leadership and student-driven exploration within a structured, yet flexible, program of study which progresses throughout the grade levels. Our curriculum follows our school mission to reveal and illuminate the strengths of the dyslexic individual.

International Baccalaureate Program

The IB Middle Years Program challenges students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world while providing a framework of learning. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, Kildonan has chosen to base our curriculum for the middle years on the Middle Years Program (MYP), representing the world standard for international education. The IB develops critical, creative and reflective thinking, fosters the disposition of international mindedness and nurtures student confidence, self-belief and self-discovery. At its core, the IB curriculum enables students to understand themselves as learners—and as global citizens. Learn More

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Foreign Language Program

An individualized multi-sensory approach. All students in grades 7-10 are required to study a foreign language as part of the IB Middle Years Program. Kildonan offers foreign language study in Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL). All sixth grade students take a brief introductory course in both Spanish and ASL, so they may choose which language to study in grades 7-10. Students in grades 11-12 may continue their foreign language study as an elective. All Spanish and ASL classes are taught using a multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham-based approach that focuses on learning through immersion.

Edge at the Kildonan School

Edge is a community that embraces young people who have been disillusioned by school and are up for the challenge of re-imagining learning. We offer a “cutting-Edge” approach that combines self-driven inquiry and interdisciplinary study. Our program welcomes juniors and seniors who have the desire to discover and explore their passions.

Assistive Technology

Kildonan offers cutting edge assistive technology to every student in grades 2 through 12. Every student will have one-to-one access to a wireless device for all academic classes. The devices used in each grade vary from iPads to laptops. As academic demands increase through the grades, students need to transition to the greater computing power of a laptop. Kildonan is a Mac-based school, therefore Apple products are the preferred device. Learn More

College Advising

The college process can seem overwhelming, complicated, and at times, stressful. Our goal at Kildonan is to make the process manageable, positive and exciting. Meetings are scheduled with the Director of College Counseling, both in groups and individually, and Language Tutors also work with juniors and seniors to provide assistance with applications, test prep, college essay writing and editing. Learn More

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1 month ago

The Kildonan School

Congratulations Kildonan class of 2019! The Kildonan School graduated 8 students this year. The ceremony took place on June 7 at 10:30 a.m. Our graduation speaker was Dean Bragonier, Chief Dyslexic of NoticeAbility, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students with dyslexia identify their unique strengths and build self-esteem.

Onward, Kildonan grads! We can't wait to see you when you visit us in future years. Kildonan looks forward to our next 50 with graduates, friends, and future students supporting our mission to educate bright dyslexics. Join us! #kildonanschool #kildonan
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