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The Orton-Gillingham Approach




The Orton-Gillingham Approach is one of the oldest teaching approaches for children with dyslexia. It was developed by Samuel Torrey Orton, who was a neuropsychiatrist and pathologist who began identifying dyslexia as early as 1925, and Anna Gillingham, an educator and psychologist who first published the foundational materials for student instruction and teacher training.

Recent research using fMRI technology has provided quantitative support for the success of multisensory, structured, phonics-based teaching. Reseachers such as Sally and Bennett Shaywitz have shown that the brains of individuals with dyslexia process reading and writing in different ways than those who are not dyslexic. More important, however, is their discovery that appropriate instruction forms new pathways in the brain that allow individuals with dyslexia to process language more efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Samuel Torrey Orton

Anna Gillingham