IB Approaches to Learning & The Learner Profile

Approaches to Learning (ATL Skills)

Includes skills and behaviors that help students be successful.
This area is ungraded, but important to communicate progress in the class.

1. Communication
2. Social
3. Self-Management

4. Research
5. Thinking

The IB and Kildonan Learner Profile

  • The Learner Profile (LP) represents a nuanced analysis of conduct and effort, and details the social, emotional and cognitive development of the student across all areas of the curriculum.
  • Establishes a development continuum of growth from Novice to Exemplary.
  • The assumption is that each child is developing in these areas at his or her own pace, and is moving forward faster in some areas of social-emotional development than in other areas. This reflects a reasonable view of the child as an individual learner with unique strengths and areas of potential growth.
  • Teachers may use the IB Learner Profile to provide comments about student attributes and affective behaviors.
  • Represents 11 habits of mind that help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a global community:

1. Thinker
2. Communicator
3. Risk-Taker
4. Reflective
5. Open-Minded
6. Caring

7. Principled
8. Inquirer
9. Knowledgeable
10. Balanced
11. Perserverant*

At the center of international education in the IB are students with their own learning styles, strengths, and limitations. Students come to school with combinations of unique and shared patterns of values, knowledge and experience of the world and their place in it. Along with cognitive development, IB programs and qualifications address students’ social, emotional, and physical well-being.

The Learner Profile promotes student development of the following:

  • Healthy relationships; individual and shared responsibility.
  • Interpersonal competencies that support effective teamwork and collaboration.
  • The ability to make informed, reasoned, ethical judgments.
  • The flexibility, perseverance, and confidence they need in order to effect change that matters.
  • * In that vein, Kildonan has added Perseverant, as we feel it is a valuable quality for our students to develop.