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Why Take a Gap Year?

There are many students that approach graduation unsure of what they want to study in college, or where they see themselves as far as a future career. A Gap Year can provide students with time to think, explore their interests, travel, volunteer, and discover what they really want to do in college and beyond.

A longstanding popular decision among students in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia, a Gap Year has begun to gain momentum with students across the United States in the past few years. Many notable colleges and universities, including Harvard, actually encourage students to take a Gap Year, and some offer structured Gap Year programs to incoming freshmen.

Here are some useful links to further explore the Gap Year option:

Gap Year Programs

  • Dynamy Internships - Internship program which takes students through the process of finding and diving into real-world internships in a wide range of industries.

  • AmeriCorps -Team-based residential program for 18-24 year olds strengthening communities and developing leaders through direct, team-based national and community service.

  • National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) - Residential program for 18-24 year olds with campuses in Colorado, California, Maryland and Iowa. Move project to project from state to state, working with American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, US Forest Service, among others. (Part of AmeriCorps.)
  • Travellers WorldWide - Coach sports to children overseas.
  • ProjectsAbroad - Assisting with caring for children and others in need of support at orphanages, day cares, kindergartens, special needs centers, elderly homes, and other care facilities in countries around the world.

  • Interexchange - Programs in 20 countries around the world, from volunteering to teaching English to working as an au pair or traveling on a work program.

  • City Year - 10 month volunteer service program for 17-24 year olds working in schools, youth leadership programs, and neighborhood programs in 17 locations around the US.