Athletics at the Kildonan School

At Kildonan, we believe that finding success through physical activity often leads to increased confidence in other areas as well. Through our athletics program, we offer our students an arena where they can gain self-esteem and develop respect for each other.

Students are required to participate in after school athletics. Faculty members serve as coaches promoting the valuable lessons of cooperation, sportsmanship, and team spirit.

Situated in a cluster of private schools, Kildonan offers beginning and experienced athletes interscholastic competition. For those students who prefer to concentrate on individual skills and fitness without the competitive element, we also offer recreational sports, in addition to our Ski/Snowboard program and Equestrian program.

Fall Athletics

  • Varsity Soccer team
  • Modified Soccer team
  • Mountain Bike team
  • Equestrian

Winter Athletics

  • Boys Varsity Basketball team
  • Girls Varsity Basketball team
  • Modified Basketball team
  • Ski & Snowboard Team

Spring Athletics

  • Lacrosse team
  • Varsity Tennis team
  • Ultimate Frisbee team
  • Equestrian

Equestrian Program

Horses have been part of daily life at Kildonan since the School’s founding. Research shows that balance sports like riding stimulate connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which is especially important for dyslexics to enhance their language skills. All students in the equestrian program, even accomplished riders, receive a rigorous, individualized course of instruction that builds skill and confidence while also ensuring their safety. Each year, students showcase their progress to parents and the school community at horse shows presented on campus.

Ski/Snowboard Program

The Ski and Snowboard program is part of a long-standing tradition at the Kildonan School. During the winter term, all students spend Thursdays with Kildonan faculty at Ski Butternut in Great Barrington, MA.

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From the archives. Alumni: Matt Hyman and Janeen Cunnigham Savage. June 1990. Fun Fact: Janeen was the first female graduate of Kildonan 👩🏻‍🎓 Donate today to support Kildonan for the next 50 years!
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