Dunnabeck Long Distance Extension Program

Skype Tutoring Program

Long distance Orton-Gillingham tutoring can be offered to Camp Dunnabeck students to bridge the academic year in locations where qualified services may not be readily available. Camp Dunnabeck has a cadre of Orton-Gillingham accredited tutors who can provide remediation via Skype. Working in conjunction with the parents of campers and a school, a tutor can be provided to extend the language-based skills developed at camp to maintain and further progress. All Orton-Gillingham tutors have been trained by a Fellow of the Academy at an accredited training program, and will continue with appropriate supervision specific to their level in the Academy.

For more information, please contact:

Camp Dunnabeck Director Jeremy Robbins

Phone: 845-373-2014 or email: jrobbins@kildonan.org

Remedial Tutoring Sessions Include:

  • Tutoring sessions will be an hour in duration with breaks as needed.
  • It is recommended that sessions be a minimum of two times a week.
  • Each session will focus upon the individualized learning profile of the student.
  • The sequence of the lesson will move from simple to complex using direct instruction and multi-sensory methods of delivery—auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • The design of each lesson will be diagnostic and prescriptive, specific to a student's documented progress.
  • The base skills will move from systematic phonics (sound/symbol) to the syllabic and morphemic layer of language (prefixes, roots, and suffixes).
  • Consistent review and reinforcement will be incorporated, including cumulative, sequential review as new information is introduced.
  • Spelling will be pulled from high frequency non-phonetic words, learned patterns, and from a student's writing.
  • Each lesson will include an oral reading component to build fluency, functional grammar and phased Written Expression, as well as focus upon vocabulary and Oral Expressive language.
  • Most importantly, the instruction is emotionally sound and builds trust, success, and motivation.
  • A cognitive approach, rather than being rote, students learn to think about what is being taught and why.

The fee is set at $120 USD per hour, payable to Camp Dunnabeck. Additional tutoring services in math, academic support, assistive technology, and test preparation are available upon request.