Camp Program

The Camp Dunnabeck program balances dedicated language remediation with outstanding recreational activities. We pair every camper with an Orton-Gillingham tutor for a 1:1, one hour Language Training session every day. Each camper completes tutoring-based assignments in study hall, the length of which varies based on the age of the camper.

Visit One-to-One OG Tutoring to learn more about our Language Training program.

When they're not studying, campers can choose from a wide array of fun activities and weekend excursions which tap into the natural resources of the campus and the region.

When campers return to school in the fall, they discover that they're rested, relaxed, and ready for success!

Weekday Daily Schedule

1 Hour Classes

Ages1:1 Orton-Gillingham TutoringStudy HallActivities
14-1612 or 32 or 3

Math Tutoring, Additional 1:1 Language Training,

and other Language / Cultural classes are offered.

Please visit Academic Add-Ons to read more about these unique

educational opportunities.

(These classes will replace an activity or a study hall.)

Our campers writing work is collected into a Creative Journal at the end of camp. Read the 2016 Shenachie (meaning—the storyteller), to see the amazing work our campers produce during their summer at Camp Dunnabeck.