Camp Activities

Movement and Athletics


Open to all ages. Introduction to basic techniques and use of bow and arrow. Friendly competition culminating in prizes and awards at the end of the six weeks.

Mountain Biking:

Campers learn the skills necessary to transverse Dunnabeck's varied terrain. Open to all skill levels.


Introduction to modern and Latin dance styles. Open to all skill levels. Each three-week sequence culminates in the presentation of a dance routine.

Athletic Fitness:

Open to seniors only. Cardio and strength training using the fitness room. The groups are separate for boys and girls.

Horseback Riding:

Open to all skill levels. Individualized instruction. Culminates in a Horse Show presentation at the end of camp.


Open to all skill levels. Individual instruction and competitive play.

Martial Arts:

Build coordination, discipline, and strength. Open to all skill levels and ages.

Arts, Music, Theater

Digital Video Filmmaking:

Campers make documentary and narrative films. They learn basic cinematography and video editing techniques.

Computer Programming /

Maker Space:

Campers will learn to use multimedia programming tools to create stories, games and animations. Campers will also use Little Bits electronics, Dash robots, Arduino, and a variety of materials to invent and design creations that beep and move.


Learn the essential techniques for taking well-composed photographs and gain an understanding of photography as an art medium. Open to all skill levels, ages 10 and older.

Visual Art:

Includes drawing, painting, silk screening (t-shirt making), and general arts and crafts. Open to all ages. Guided instruction and access to various media. Projects are showcased at the end of each three-week sequence.


Campers form a rock band, building proficiency in voice, percussion, or an instrument. They work together to create a performance.


Open to all campers. Campers learn a variety of techniques to create functional and decorative pieces.


Open to all skill levels. Campers explore wood as a sculptural media, learning the safe use of hand and power tools. Emphasis on using found and reclaimed materials, and understanding wood's transformation from living material in the forest to fine furniture and artistic pieces.

Board Games and Brain Games:

Relying upon game theory and a training-based approach, campers will learn and cultivate strategic thinking, memory, and processing skills by playing literal and abstract strategy games, such as chess, Risk, and the ancient Chinese game Go. Campers will also learn games and solve brain teasers, which promote visual, kinesthetic, communication, and collaboration skills.


Campers participate in theater games and improv to build an ensemble, engage with text and stories, and stage a performance.