Boarding Campers

Living at Camp Dunnabeck

Boarding campers reside on the upper portion of our campus in King House or Goldman Hall. Students eat their meals in the dining hall situated near the residence halls and can enjoy social time together in the lounge in Goldman Hall. One of the best parts of our campus is the amazing view of the valley that can be seen from the dormitories and upper part of campus.

Female Campers – King House

Female campers make the King House their home. Named in honor of Kildonan’s founder, Diana Hanbury King, King house is a suite-style residence with lounge areas for relaxing, socializing, playing music, and studying. Girls are grouped by age and share their room with a roommate, and their bathroom with suitemates of similar ages.

Male Campers – Goldman Hall

Male campers reside in Goldman Hall, named in honor of former student Stephen D. Goldman. It is a 3-story corridor-style residence with a recreational student lounge on the first floor. The lounge includes table games, a practice space for musicians, and areas for lounging in the evening. Campers are grouped by age and share their room with a roommate. There are two bathrooms on the corridor.


Weekends offer time to take trips off campus and enjoy all that the region has to offer. Amusement parks such as Lake Compounce, Mount Creek Waterpark, and Jiminy Peak offer thrills and weekend-long camping trips to Mount Greylock get campers connected to nature. Other weekend activities include a full day of water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing at the lake, miniature golf and go-cart excursions.

three female campers from Camp dunnabeck ride hand in hand on horses on a carousel ride

Boarding Camper FAQs

Age Groupings

Campers are grouped into age-based groups and then subdivided by boys and girls.

Juniors: 8-10 year olds

Middlers: 11-13 year olds

Upper Middlers: 13 year olds (group forms when Middlers can be divided)

Seniors 14-16 year olds


Each student must have two backpacks for the camp program: one for academics and one for activities (including half-day students).

Birthdays at Camp

Birthdays are a special and exciting day for campers, and our kitchen staff will prepare a cake to be shared by your child’s house mates.  We also have campers call home on their birthdays.

Cell Phones, Computers, Electronics, etc.

Campers are not allowed to bring electronic equipment to camp. Tablets, computers, and cell phones are prohibited and will be collected for safekeeping.

Campers should not bring personal computers to camp. Tablets and computers are readily available for camper’s use during study hall and free time.

Dining Hall Rules

Lunch and dinner are buffet style. At each table, an adult heads the table. Pertinent announcements will be made during meals.

Hats are never to be worn in the dining room.  Shoes and shirts are required at all times.



NO food is to be stored in dormitory rooms. Packages containing food should be given to the camper’s counselor.

Note:  Energy drinks are not permitted at camp.

Dormitory Rules

Campers will be assigned a room upon arrival here. Any changes of room or roommate must be made and approved by the Director.


NO electrical equipment may be brought into the rooms except a clock, radio or small stereo, desk lamp, Sleeping bags may NOT be used in place of bedding.


Beds or other furniture are not to be rearranged.


We expect campers to remain courteous to counselors and tutors at all times. Campers are expected to refrain from using offensive language. Running, wrestling, other horseplay, or bouncing balls in any of the dormitories is NOT permitted.


Campers are expected to keep rooms neat and orderly at all times. There is a room inspection each day before lights out and again before breakfast. A camper who does not pass inspection will remain in his or her room with the counselor on duty until the room passes inspection.


Campers are not allowed to leave dormitories in the evening after they return from evening activities.



NO food is to be stored in dormitory rooms. Packages containing food should be given to the camper’s counselor.

Note:  Energy drinks are not permitted at camp.

Health Services

Jennifer Amato
Camp Dunnabeck Health Director
Health Office Direct Line (845) 373-2015
Health Office Direct Fax  (845) 373-2037

Health and safety are our number one priorities at camp. The Health Center maintains 24/7 nursing staff as well as CPR/AED/First Aid trained support staff. To ensure your camper’s enjoyment and success this summer, it is important that you inform us of any allergy, health, diet, personal habits and/or behavioral issue as soon as possible. This includes any professional assistance you have sought for the treatment of such problems. All disclosures are kept in professional confidence. Such information is crucial to enable our staff to assign, train, and supervise our counselors to best serve the needs of your camper.

All campers are required to have a valid physical exam and proof of immunization.  In order for your camper to be admitted to camp, you must provide this written documentation.

For acute medical needs such as an ear infection or strep throat, we have an offsite physician.  For emergency medical needs campers are transported to Sharon Hospital. In both instances, campers are accompanied by one of our adult staff. All visits to the physician, urgent care and/or emergency department will be billed through your family or camper’s individual insurance policy. With the exception of an emergency, parents will be notified prior to any visits to the pediatrician or urgent care. Parents are ultimately responsible for payment of medical bills related to illness and injuries.

This summer we require all prescription and/or over the counter medications be provided to our campers by McCarthy’s Pharmacy in Stanfordville, NY.  McCarthy’s Pharmacy will package each child’s medications in a customized, portable pack, which will be delivered to Camp Dunnabeck before he or she arrives. This guarantees accurate, timely dosing and dispensing of your camper’s medication while they are away from home this summer. Only medication that is medically necessary will be administered. Regimented supplements/herbals will not be administered as they are not in accordance with NYS law as being medically necessary.

State law requires that all medications, including over the counter, can only be dispensed by a nurse to a camper with a written order from a physician (MD/DO only), nurse practitioner, physician assistant (PA).  To register with McCarthy’s Pharmacy please contact them directly at:

McCarthy’s Pharmacy
6032 Route 82
Stanfordville, NY 12581
Ph.: (845) 868-1010
Fax: (845) 868-1006


All campers are REQUIRED to use the laundry service. Parents should make arrangements prior to opening day in order to sign up for these services through E&R Laundry. Campers may not use the laundry machines located in the dormitories.

All boarding campers must purchase the basic laundry plan through E&R Laundry.  

Money at Camp

Campers do not need extra money during the summer; therefore, money is not to be received from home. Only small amounts of cash ($5.00) should be kept in the dormitory. The camp cannot be responsible for money if it is kept in the dorm. There should be no lending or borrowing of money.

Packages and Mail at Camp

Campers enjoy receiving mail and packages, and it is strongly encouraged that parents, relatives, and friends send letters and e-mails on a consistent basis.  Campers will write home at least once each week as part of the tutoring program. Please limit packages to basic necessities for camp, reading books, and storable food items.  Food will be held by the counselors or administrative staff as it can attract critters in the dormitories. 

Mail is delivered each weekday except on federal holidays. Mail will be distributed during evening activities. All packages must be opened in the presence of counselors.


Address camper mail as follows:


Camper’s Name

Dunnabeck at Kildonan

House Name (Goldman Hall for boys, King House for girls)

425 Morse Hill Rd.

Amenia, NY 12501

Phone Calls and Contact Home

As a six week residential program, we strongly discourage phone calls. Phone privileges are granted after the first week and campers will have a designated weeknight evening to call home.

Campers will call home on a designated night each week starting the second week of camp.  During the final week of camp, the schedule can become hectic as there are many evening activities planned, so campers usually do not call home during that week.  Campers should not be called unless there is an emergency at which time they can be reached through the Administrator on Duty; however, you are more than welcome to contact any administrator during the summer session to get an update on your child’s progress.  Remember, campers are not allowed to have cell phones.

All of our campers have the ability to send and receive e-mail (approximately three times/week).

Visiting Campers

With the exception of Parents’ Weekend, visitation is highly discouraged, and visitation during the first and last week of camp is not allowed.  Because of scheduling conflicts, visitation should be scheduled five days prior so that we can make arrangements.  VERY FEW campers have visitors during the summer. Campers may also go home on weekends, but they must leave on Friday and return on Sunday at specific, scheduled times.  Also, please make sure you follow scheduled times for pickup and drop-off.  If you are late to get your child, he or she may leave with their group for an activity as campers will not be left unsupervised.  If you return your camper too early or too late, you may have to wait with them until their group arrives back on campus.

If you do plan to visit,


  • Schedule your visit at least five days ahead of time
  • Make sure your child is back to camp no later than 8:30 pm during weeknights and on Sunday nights – late arrivals are extremely disruptive to other campers
  • Keep your visit short



  • Visit frequently – it is distracting to your child’s progress
  • Encourage relatives or family friends to visit – have them write letters instead
  • Have your child spend a weeknight out of camp
Waterfront activities

After the activities and academics of the day comes afternoon fun for boarding and full-day campers. Campers swim at the Maplebrook School pool, just 5 minutes away in Amenia, NY or at the Lakeville, CT Town Grove swimming area. There are also on-campus activities for campers to participate in.

4:00 – 5:15 Swimming

4:00 – 5:15 On-campus activities

What to Pack – Boarding Campers

All campers are REQUIRED to use the laundry service. Parents should make arrangements prior to opening day in order to sign up for these services through E&R Laundry. Campers may not use the laundry machines located in the dormitories.

All boarding campers must purchase the basic laundry plan through E&R Laundry.  

Clothing to pack:

  • 12 T-shirts
  • 2 warm sweatshirts
  • Medium-weight jacket
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Several pairs of shorts
  • Several pairs of jeans
  • Swim suits
  • 12 pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of sneakers (one “old”)

For Horseback Riding

  • Pair of riding boots with heel
  • Hard hat for riding—students may also borrow one

Personal Care:

  • Drawstring laundry bag
  • Toilet articles bag
  • Shower caddy
  • Soap, shampoo, toothpaste
  • Personal items
  • Combs/brushes, etc.
  • Toothbrushes
  • Nail clippers

For the room:

  • Sheets and bedding for twin bed
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag
  • 3 bath towels and washcloths
  • 3 beach towels
  • Watch
  • Flashlight
  • Small lamp
  • Fan (optional, but recommended)


  • Bicycle and helmet


Prohibited Items:
  • Cell phones
  • Television
  • Laptop computers
  • Game systems


  • Rockets
  • Firecrackers
  • Slingshots
  • Darts
  • Incense/Candles
  • Knives


  • Coffee pots
  • Heating coils
  • Electric blankets
  • Free weights
  • Locked boxes

Camp Academics

Camp Academics

Camp Activities

Camp Activities

Camp Life

Camp Life


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