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The Kildonan School’s outreach project to the community of New York City and its surrounding area. A not-for-profit organization which offers tutoring and consulting services for dyslexic persons of any age. Our mission is to reveal and illuminate the strengths of individuals with dyslexia or language-based learning differences.  We believe in the diversity of the human brain and the vast potential of the dyslexic mind. We offer one-to-one, diagnostic-prescriptive Orton-Gillingham tutoring sessions for each student’s individual language needs.

  • One-to-one tutoring
  • Homework support
  • Written Expression
  • O-G Based Math
  • Bi-lingual Tutors (Spanish)
  • Résumé Building
  • Testing Prep: SAT, ACT, PSAT
  • Driver’s License Prep


High school and college students with language-based learning differences get support through individualized Orton Gillingham tutorials, targeted preparation for college entrance exams, and college writing tutorials. The center provides writing and homework support for students to meet the demands of their academic programs.


Career and professional consulting for adults with dyslexia/language-based learning differences

We’ll address the language skills and reading strategies you need to succeed on professional licensing and certification tests, on graduate school entrance exams, and professional communications.

Phone: (203) 429-4476


New York City:

Monday through Sunday:

41 Madison Avenue, 25th Floor, Ste. 2541, New York, NY 10010
Conveniently located on Madison Square Park off the NRW & 6 trains at 26th Street.


Monday through Thursday:


What should you expect with regard to student progress? Naturally, the answer to this question depends on many factors including the severity of the learning challenge and the frequency of the intervention/tutoring. While it is not reasonable to expect your child to demonstrate gains in a few weeks, you should expect that your student’s tutor will be monitoring progress carefully.  Over a four to six month period, you should expect that your child will be assimilating new phonetic patterns or a process of writing which advances their skill level. Such gains are often demonstrated on criterion-based assessments, a testament to what a student can actually do. Gains on standardized measures are typically much longer in the making as they involve a comparison to a normed peer group whose members are also making progress alongside your child. Reading skills typically progress more rapidly than spelling skills.  An Orton-Gillingham lesson is leveled, structured, and controlled to include only learned elements; therefore, a student experiences success in each lesson. Over time, that success contributes to a confidence that is as valuable as their growing skill set.

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