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Being made to feel stupid…when you’re not, lazy…when your not, unproductive…when you don’t want to be, can lead to natural doubts about the truth – especially when the teasing and bullying come from teachers and classmates alike.

Our students too often have to endure those experiences before arriving on our campus. Since 10% of the population possesses the dynamic phenomenon that is dyslexia, such students deserve a better life at school and beyond.

Check out the videos below and see the lasting impact Kildonan has had on its students, and remember that your support can help guarantee that our students continue to get the help they need to recognize their strengths and become empowered.

For 50+ years now, The Kildonan School and Camp Dunnabeck have been supporting our students and campers through the diagnostic and prescriptive approach of Orton-Gillingham one-to-one tutoring sessions. The creative foresight and tireless passion displayed by our co-founder, Diana Hanbury King, ensures that our students are taught by both individualized instruction and group interaction within academic subjects. EDGE, a student-driven course of study for high school students, is also available to those for whom the traditional classroom setting has proven unhelpful. Traditional sports, including an equestrian program and weekly skiing/snowboarding during the winter term, are offered as well.

While we have Diana to thank for her educational foresight, we have our current faculty, staff, and administrators to thank for taking that vision and expanding it into the full program of skills advancement, college prep, and social confidence-building that are readily witnessed on campus today. Your contribution to our Annual Fund right now will help to ensure that Diana’s vision will live on in perpetuity.

We believe in the diversity of the human brain and the vast potential of the dyslexic mind. Likewise, we believe that we can excel as people when we are supported physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Please go to the online giving tab and support our students and staff by contributing generously to this year’s annual request.  

Thank you for supporting our faculty’s magic through your support of this year’s Annual Fund.

Each contribution helps our students prepare for active, responsible citizenship in a democratic society.

Kildonan Memories

Kildonan graduates in green robes toss hats after graduation.

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