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Student Life

With a wide range of student ages and residential status, student life at Kildonan has many faces. All elementary age students are day students, making up approximately 30% of the school population. The elementary students in grades experience a typical day that includes academics, fine arts, group activities, community building, community service, student government, and after school activities. They will also participate in field trips, Thursdays at Butternut Ski Resort, and many on-campus all-school events and programs.

Day students in grades 7-12 are fully integrated into daily school life with our boarding students, and are often invited to participate in activities and special dinners following regular dismissal with permission from the Office of Student Life. Day students form close friendships and bonds with boarding students, and often host boarding students at their homes on weekends. They also have the opportunity to participate in weekend outings and/or spend a night in the dorms with boarding students.

Day students provide their own transportation to and from school, or may receive bussing from their local school districts.

Boarding is available to all students in grades 6/7-12. In a typical school year, approximately 70% of our older students reside on campus in our dorms. Students enjoy the many opportunities that boarding school life provides while parents appreciate the enhanced educational experience their child receives, including the structured daily schedule and supervised study time, as well as a defined social network. See what residential life at Kildonan can offer your child!

Dining Hall

Meals at Kildonan are served in the school's Dining Hall, however, on Fridays during nice weather (fall and spring), the entire school gets together for barbecue lunches by the tennis courts.

A majority of meals are served buffet style, with hot and cold menu offerings coupled with staples like fresh fruits and vegetables, salad bar, soup and all types of sandwiches. Almost all of the items served are made from scratch in our kitchen, and the menu is designed to balance taste with healthy, fresh ingredients.

Health Center

The nurse operates The Patrick A. Lane Health Center, which is a six-bed in-patient facility designed to handle minor emergencies and illnesses of limited duration. A nurse is present at meal times to dispense prescription medications, answer questions, and address any medical concerns.

Students are to report all ailments immediately so that they will not be sick for longer than necessary.

All prescription drugs and all over-the-counter medications, including aspirin, vitamins or supplements, are kept in the Health Center and are dispensed by the school nurse. The nursing staff will arrange for medical appointments. They will do their best to avoid making those appointments during academic commitments, especially tutoring.

Jennifer Amato, Nurse

School Counselor

In December of 2015, Kildonan brought in On-Staff School Counselor Bill O'Heaney, to work with our students. Bill has extensive experience in counseling youth, and is also a former Kildonan parent himself. He conducts weekly group sessions, routine and formal 1:1 sessions (for families participating in this service), and provides training for staff. Bill also accepts walk-ins and conducts interventions for all students.

Most importantly, our counselor serves as a point of contact between students, families and staff when the need arises.

School Counselor Bill O'Heaney