Weekends at Kildonan

Friday Nights at Kildonan

Friday nights welcome the weekend with a Kildonan tradition, the Friday night dinner. Students become part of the family on Friday nights and are welcomed into homes both on and off campus to cook and share a meal with the families of Kildonan faculty and staff. Everyone relaxes and unwinds around a shared meal, and gets to know each other beyond the classroom and athletic field.

The Kildonan’s Saturday Institute

Saturday Institute is new for the 2018-2019 school year. The Institute will give students another opportunity to explore their interests outside the classroom and to build their skills and strengths. Held on Saturday mornings, the Institutes may include opportunities to learn cooking skills, to explore the ecology of the campus, to learn digital publishing skills, and to expand their thinking about social and health related topics. Community service opportunities will also be on offer.

Weeeknds at Kildonan

Weekends on the Kildonan campus are a balance of adventures, cultural events, entertainment, and relaxation. Students are given opportunities to venture off campus to visit amusement parks, museums, sporting events, college campuses, and towns in our area. Occasionally, trips to New York City are planned for students to experience the Big Apple and take in the sights.

On some weekends, students engage in on-campus activities and travel only short distances for merchandising, community service, or to enjoy a movie out. We offer both on- and off-campus community service opportunities for students. We seek to provide a balance for students to rest and recharge over the weekend.

Here are some examples of recent and upcoming weekend student activities:

  • Trips to major league sporting events in NYC
  • Visiting China Town, NYC
  • Holiday time visit to Rockefeller Center, NYC
  • Hiking and skiing
  • Apple and pumpkin picking
  • Six Flags Great Escape indoor water park
  • College campus visits/tours at Marist, Vassar, SUNY New Paltz, The Culinary Institute of America