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The Kildonan School experience is transformational. Kildonan asks students to stretch beyond preconceived limits and to take on new challenges on a daily basis. Our students learn how to learn here, as they embrace new and difficult subjects and, in doing so, they elevate the goals they hold for themselves and the world beyond campus. The Kildonan School changes the lives of dyslexic children each day. Ask a Kildonan student about their experience, and they will tell you that Kildonan dramatically changed their life for the better. Many of our students increase their reading levels by two or three levels in a given year, and their subsequent academic and personal confidence cannot be quantified.

If you are interested in discussing ways you can support Kildonan and our students, please contact Headmaster Kevin Pendergast at 845-373-8111, or

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With the generosity of parents, alumni, and their family and friends, Kildonan can further advance the opportunities for our dynamic dyslexic students.

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If you run a search of the top ten universities in the world, you’ll invariably see two universities consistently at or near the top: University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. What do [...]

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6 days ago

Andrew Ostrover

If your child is Dyslexic and is having a hard time in school. Send them to Kildonan. There is not a better school for children to attend and start catching up on there skills and will build confidence. I will be forever grateful to Kildonan for what they did for me. I spent three years at Kildonan. ... See MoreSee Less

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From the archives. Alumni: Matt Hyman and Janeen Cunnigham Savage. June 1990. Fun Fact: Janeen was the first female graduate of Kildonan 👩🏻‍🎓 Donate today to support Kildonan for the next 50 years!
#dyslexia #dyslexiaawareness #tbt #dyslexicadvantage #friends #graduation
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