Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the only way that economically disadvantaged students can experience a unique education like Kildonan. A donation to the Annual Fund is a tax deductible gift toward the education of intelligent and promising students who otherwise would not gain access to a successful future. It gives our students and their families the choice for a better education and environment in which to learn. We strive to make the Kildonan experience a reality for as many students as possible.

Giving to Kildonan

The Kildonan School is known around the world as the most effective and most successful educational environment in which bright dyslexic students can improve their skills while discovering the talents that come with the dyslexic brain. Providing the 1:1 Orton-Gillingham language training that every Kildonan student receives, along with individualized, multi-sensory, college-prep subject matter taught in a small-group setting, requires a large and highly trained staff. Through the generosity of parents, alumni, and their family and friends, Kildonan can further advance the opportunities for our dynamic dyslexic students.

Why give?

The Kildonan School is fortunate to be part of a larger Kildonan community that encompasses current and past families, alumni, and our local community, all which have supported the endeavor of educating dyslexic students for over 40 years.

Our students establish their place on our campus, within the community, and as a result, in the world. Your partnership will help us continue to provide the life-changing education and experience to students most in need of it.

What is my donation used for?

The Annual Fund supports student scholarships, supplements the cost of attendance, funds state of the art technology, classroom equipment and supplies, extracurricular activities, and operating expenses.

Your donation enables us to provide the highly qualified teachers and staff that make a difference daily in the lives of our students. It allows Kildonan to maintain its beautiful, picturesque campus and facilities, while looking ahead for expansion and improvements in the future.

What amount do I have to give?

Gifts to the Annual Fund range from $25 to $50,000 or more. Every donation ensures that Kildonan’s doors will remain open to a make a meaningful difference in the lives of engaged and capable dyslexic students.

Join Our Annual Fund Circle of Support

Founders Circle: $25,000+
Headmasters Circle: $10,000+
Kodiaks Circle: $5,000-$9,999
Orton Circle: $1,000-4,999

Tutors Circle: $500-$999
Writers Circle: $100-$499
Readers Circle: Up tp $99