Student Fundraising and Activities

Students and student groups at Kildonan have big ambitions, discover how you can support their dreams!

GoFundMe Campaign

Independent Study, Ski Making

Kildonan workroom showing the ski press a student is building

Dylan’s Ski Press

Kildonan Junior Dylan is raising money for his Edge project. Dylan writes, ” I’m learning how to design and build skis.  I’ve built all the tools that are needed to make a ski (ski press; core profiler; guides for router table to cut out material for skis).  At the beginning of my project, it was tough and stressful at times because of the lack of tools and design software. I’ve messed up and had to fix mistakes more times than I can remember, but I’ve learned from every mistake along the way.  I have now learned how to properly make all the tools that are needed to make skis and the steps for putting a ski together. I’ve also built a prototype to see if the press pressed correctly. It was a success as far as the camber of the ski but not the construction of the ski due to not having the right tools at that time in my project. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for me to buy the material for the skis (wood for the core; sidewalls; edges; fiberglass sheets; epoxy; top sheet material; a graphic; base material; tip and tail material (UHMW); carbon fiber fabric).  Any amount you can contribute toward buying these materials and reaching my end goal would be very much appreciated.  I’m writing a full description of my process which should be ready in a few weeks. If interested, please email me.”

Link to his GoFundMe page here:

Performance and community service

Kildonan Elementary Student in red cardiganElementary student Eve will be performing in a stage production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as part of the ensemble/chorus cast on December 7th & 8th in Hyde Park, NY, put on by the New Deal Creative Arts Center:

New Deal Creative Arts Center logo

As a community outreach project, the entire cast will be collecting travel-size toiletries for Hope on a Mission, a Poughkeepsie-based charity that provides support to women.  If Eve has time at school, she will be extending her collection efforts to the Kildonan community, to help collect these travel-size personal hygiene products.

Cartoon image of Charlie Brown and gang around a christmas treeAlso, if anybody would like to come see the show, here’s a link to purchase tickets:

Student Council Fundraiser

The student council is raising funds for an off-site prom. Their Yankee Candle fundraiser is on through the holidays and will end on January 9. All sales before earn them money for their prom. Order here:

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