O’Heaney, BillSchool Counselor

(845) 373-2035

BA, Public Affairs, SUNY Albany
MPA, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
M.Ed, Mental Health Counseling, Cambridge College

Employment Information
Employed Since 2015

Bill is a licensed professional counselor who has worked in a variety of mental health settings and clinics, including much work with adolescents. His daughter was a former student, and he lives with his family in Connecticut where he also has a private practice.

Counseling Services

The school counselor is available to assist students with the variety of challenges and concerns that develop during adolescence and during school. Common topics include adjusting to boarding school, anxiety, depression, substance use, family issues, academic pressures, gender/sexual identity issues, stress management, relationship problems, or grief and loss. The counselor is also available on an on-call basis to provide crisis management when needed.

The School counselor offers support and guidance to individual students, coordinates with outside health providers and support services, consults with deans and faculty members, and contributes to the emotional health and well-being of the school as a whole. The school does not offer psychiatric services.

Students may be referred to counseling by faculty, deans, the School nurse, friends, or parents. Because counseling is a private process in which sensitive issues may be discussed, the school counselor keeps their conversations with students confidential. Where there are legal and ethical exceptions to this confidentiality, when there is a question of potential harm to self or others, parents and administration must be informed. Relevant faculty may be aware that a student is meeting the school counselor; however, the content of these conversations is respected as private. Students generally, but not always, inform their parents prior to seeking an initial meeting with the school counselor. Parents concerned about their child potentially seeing a counselor without their consent may contact the Counseling Office and ask that their child not be seen by the counseling department without their knowledge. Families must complete the Counseling Agreement form which includes Informed Consent and Parent / Guardian Payment for Services Agreement for counseling to occur on a regular basis.

Families seeking ongoing weekly counseling appointments for their student, meaning at least once per week for any four-week period, incurs a cost. On-campus counseling occurs during the class day. Students will miss class time to attend counseling sessions and are expected to coordinate with their teachers to ensure the completion of all class work.

Direct inquires about counseling services may be directed to:

Bill O’Heaney, LPC
School Counselor
The Kildonan School
425 Morse Hill Road
Amenia, NY 12501
(845) 373-2035

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