Woodcock, JasonAssistant Headmaster

(845) 373-2014

Employment Information
Employed Since 2019

BA, Mathematics, Binghamton University
MAT, Mathematics, Binghamton University
CPC, Leadership That Works, New York Open Center

After teaching math and technology at the independent, progressive Susquehanna School in New York, Jason went on to become a senior manager with Accenture, and executive at RSI, working for over twenty years. Now, Jason returns to education as the Assistant Headmaster of The Kildonan School.

When he’s not life coaching, consulting, or on his computer, Jason loves to spend time with his wife of twenty years, Christine, and their daughter Eve. Together, they love to laugh, travel, cook, and watch their daughter grow. Often described as a “jack of all trades” and “a calming force” Jason splits his time between urban and rural environments. He is proud of the log cabin in the woods where he was raised, and learned to do just about everything, including carpentry and even fine arts, such as painting and singing.

Inside portrait of female Kildonan tutor with short brown hair, glasses, bright printed shirt.